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City magazine November 2019, author Laura Wilhelm

New opening of the Rosengarn fashion studio

When you enter Karin Plum’s (53) “Rosengarn” atelier in the converted former cowshed of her farmhouse in Prummern, you will be amazed: jackets, coats, pants, shirts, dresses and skirts in the most beautiful colors are lined up on clothes rails. All handmade. All unique. But that’s not all. Behind the name “Rosengarn” is no conventional fashion tailoring business. Karin Plum has been making latex clothing herself for 15 years now.

She first came into contact with the material at the end of the 1990s. “A friend asked me if I could imagine taking on sewing work for a fetish store,” says the passionate seamstress and fashion designer. Because she was interested in the subject, Karin Plum simply got started. “I had to practise a lot at first, though. Working with latex is very different from working with conventional fabrics.” For example, it involves gluing rather than sewing. The Prummen native is now a professional. She ventured into self-employment back in 2004. “Because the lacquer and latex scene isn’t particularly big, I already knew a lot of customers who brought me orders from all over Germany.” While she was the talk of the town, her company “Rosengarn” grew steadily. “In the countryside, people are naturally rather skeptical about things like this.” In the meantime, however, people here are also very interested in what she does. “Partly because I often use the term ‘natural rubber’ instead of ‘latex’,” she says with a wink. And above all because the garments are becoming more and more suitable for everyday use. “About a year and a half ago, I specialized in making wearable fashion for women and men.” Incidentally, Karin Plum is considered a pioneer in this field throughout the country. She doesn’t just make the clothes from matt and shiny latex, but also uses elegant and sophisticated linings and fasteners. The variety of colors is also extraordinary. “On request, I can provide my customers with elaborately cast latex sheets with patterns that are unique and specially made on site for the desired outfit.” Latex made in Prummern, so to speak.

In summer 2019, a lined jacket from the “Rosengarn” StreetStyle collection was even nominated for the Manufactum NRW State Prize for Arts and Crafts. As one of 128 pieces, the jacket was exhibited for six weeks in Cologne’s Museum of Applied Arts. “The nomination alone has given my fashion a new value and brings me a step closer to my goal of proving how wearable latex is.”

Studio open:

If you are interested in rose yarn, Karin Plum is happy to welcome you on Wednesdays from 9 am to 6 pm at Feigengasse 13 in Prummern.

Appointments are also available by appointment on

There is also a “Long Saturday” four times a year. Between 12 noon and 6 p.m. you can find out all about fashion and production.