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20 years of Rosengarn -Save the date 14.09.2024

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The founder – Karin Plum

My success story begins with the fact that as a child I had the dream of marrying a farmer. I fulfilled this dream and married a farmer. That ended my career as a florist and gardener for the time being. Instead of flower arrangements, I now had pitchforks and other coarse tools in my hands. I also gave birth to two sons. Although I loved working on the farm, at some point I felt a persistent longing for creative work and had the dream of starting my own business.

I tried to set up a small floristry shop on the farm, but failed. That wasn’t too bad, because fate had other plans for me. One day, a lady I had met by chance was looking for someone to work in her tailoring business. As I had always enjoyed sewing, I took the job on the side. Later, my colleague in the latex department was permanently absent and I was asked if I would like to take over. Although working with latex had nothing to do with the usual sewing, I bravely agreed.

Rosengarn Overview

2023 – Online-Shop

In autumn 2023, I commissioned a new online shop. I have focussed on men as my target group and offer latex street style, basics and latex bed linen. I have managed to fulfil my creative longing and set up my own business as a successful latex designer.

No matter how rocky the road may be, believe in your vision and keep working towards it. With passion, perseverance and belief in yourself, you can realise your dreams and write a success story that inspires and encourages others to follow their heart.

2021 – YouTube channal „Karins-Latexklinik“ (“Karins Latex Clinic”)

Since January 2021, I have set up the YouTube channel “Karins-Latexklinik” together with a good friend. There I show weekly explanatory videos on the topic of latex repair. There is also a YouTube channel about the Rosengarn Atelier.

Since 2019 – Nominations

In 2019, I was nominated for the “Manufactum NRW 2019” state award for my design and in 2020 I was nominated for the growth initiative of the GründerRegion Aachen. In 2023 there was another nomination for the AJH Craftsmanship Award.

I expanded my shop and constantly acquired new knowledge in marketing and social media to make my fashion and even latex bed linen known beyond the borders of Germany.

2004 – Foundation of Rosengarn

I began to research latex and find out how best to work with it. Over time, I got better and better at making latex fashion. In 2004, I founded my own label Rosengarn and converted the former cowshed into a workshop and shop.

Finding a name for my company was not so easy. I didn’t like the usual word combinations that many labels used to draw attention directly to latex. A friend came up with the idea and said: “Rosengarn”, the URL was still free. I remember it like today. 😉 At first I was sceptical because latex is not sewn, but it made a wonderful reference to fashion. Plus my favourite flower … perfect!

I quickly became known in the latex scene and my jackets were seen as real works of art. My vision was to make latex design fashion in the street style sector accessible to as many people as possible. With my team of actually 10 people, I have already successfully realised this vision.