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20 years of Rosengarn -Save the date 14.09.2024

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    The Rosengarn Team


    She is the expert for catsuits and often realizes special customer requests.


    Specialist for our popular latex jackets with lining.


    From quality control to workshop organization, she keeps an eye on everything. She also produces many home wear items.


    The “VELVETY” bed linen made it possible. Nina makes them at home with dedication.


    The only rooster in the yard and savior in times of emergency when something needs to be built. Karin’s husband Adi.


    The specialist for all kinds of repairs. She makes shirts and pants with great care.


    The visionary, organizer, head of a wonderful team, and a passionate latex designer

    There are many other people on our team, even if they are not on the payroll.

    People we can ask for advice, who support us and help us to move forward. Friends and customers who step in when we need them. Colleagues and competitors with whom we achieve great things. Karin’s family, who put up with her when she comes up with new ideas.

    We would like to say THANK YOU to all of them.