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Cleaning Service for Latex Garments

We take care of the cleaning and care

Have your latex jacket cleaned and cared for by a specialist! For all jackets from the Rosengarn collection

Requests from customers have given me the idea of offering this service. Just like a leather jacket, your latex jacket needs some care so that it remains your favorite jacket for a long time.

Despite the greatest care, slight damage to the items may occur in individual cases. Please note our disclaimer:

Despite the greatest care, the cleaning process or chlorination may result in visual impairments depending on the quality of the fabric. In most cases, these impairments only affect the appearance. A negative impairment of functionality only occurs in exceptional cases.

  • Light damage can be intensified by chlorination
  • self-applied patches, patches etc.
  • Hidden defects, e.g. age-related brittle seams
  • Color changes due to chlorination

Latex cleaning service

Intensive cleaning and care, including washing, is time-consuming and takes a long time to dry due to the lining. We are happy to do this work for you and you will get your latex jacket back washed and cared for. If you don’t like the rubbery feel of your latex jacket, we recommend having it finished. We will also be happy to do this for you.

  • Professional and gentle cleaning
  • Intensive care
  • Check for any damage
  • The jacket can then be finished on request
  • Preservation of the jacket’s value


If you would like to take advantage of this service, please get in touch using the contact form and receive further information.