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Latex cosy blanket „Magig-Mike“ classic


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Information about the product

Short description

Perfect for cosy hours on the sofa.

This latex cosy blanket is made of black natural rubber / latex (PVultex PVML) in 0.5 thickness and chlorinated. “Made in Germany”

  • Latex in black, in thickness 0.5
  • including surface finish/chlorinated
  • Combined with cosy fabric in red, grey, black or blue
  • Washable in the washing machine on wool programme
  • Size information under: “Service”

The ultra cosy Magic Mike cuddly blanket, measuring 220 x 110, is the absolute must-have for cosy evenings on the sofa. With its unique, smooth surface, it creates the ultimate WOW effect. While the wind whistles and the weather rages outside, your faithful companion will keep you cosy and warm on the nubby velvet cuddly side. At the same time, the silky latex exterior gives you an unrivalled latex feeling.

Our cosy blankets are always chlorinated, as this significantly increases comfort. Whether you want to slip under the blanket alone or together with your loved ones – the decision is entirely up to you.

Special requests in terms of colour and size are of course also possible. Simply order your personalised cosy blanket using our contact form and we will be happy to make you an offer. Get that certain something for your cosy evenings on the sofa with the Magic Mike cosy blanket!

2 kg
110 cm x 220 cm
Latex schwarz-Stoff rot/black latex fabric in red, Latex schwarz-Stoff grau/black latex fabric in gray, Latex schwarz-Stoff schwarz/black latex fabric in black
Individual size

Do you need a custom-made product? Then get in touch using the contact form.