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Author Simone Thelen

Geilenkirchener Volkszeitung July 2020
Rosengarn and Harald Glööckler

Extravagant is the fashion of Karin Plum in any case. This is not because her cuts are so bizarre. It is simply the material that makes the clothing designed by Karin Plum in her studio in the farmhouse in Prummern something very special. Karin Plum has set out to make latex fashion suitable for everyday wear and has already won many friends with it. Her newest fan: the well-known German fashion designer Harald Glöökler. Rhinestones, glitter and lots of “bling bling”, these are the trademarks of Fashion Prince Harald Glöökler. In addition to his role as a judge on the RTL show “Let’s Dance”, some reality productions about the life of the extroverted fashion designer and appearances on talk shows, Harald Glöökler is mainly known for his fashion. “Pompöös” is the name of his label, making every woman a princess is his mission. For his latest collection, Harald Glöökler has left familiar paths and now relies on a new material: latex.

Resting and doing nothing are two things that one would not associate with Karin Plum. Since she started her own business with her latex fashion and her company Rosengarn, she has hardly ever stopped. New designs, new cuts, new latex patterns that she also pours herself in her studio. Last year, she was nominated for the State Prize NRW with a jacket. She didn’t win, but the jacket was exhibited at the Museum of Applied Arts in Cologne. Now Karin Plum is in the final round for the AC2 Growth Award of the GründerRegion Aachen. It will be awarded in November. Even during the Corona period, when the sales of her latex fashion were practically zero, Karin Plum did not remain idle. She renovated her studio, created a new website, and showcased her clothing in a photo shoot. For this shoot, she had booked the well-known fashion photographer Frank Altmann. He too was impressed by Karin Plum’s fashion – so impressed that he made contact with a very special business partner. “Frank Altmann looked around my studio intensively and tried on a few things. Apparently, he really liked it because three days later my phone rang,” recalls Karin Plum. “That was just before Easter, and you can imagine how surprised I was when Harald Glöökler contacted me. I couldn’t believe it at first.” Harald Glöökler himself quickly convinced Karin Plum that he was serious about developing an exclusive latex collection together with her. “The man told me about his idea, and he can be very convincing and inspire people with his plans. So I couldn’t say no…” Karin Plum seizes the opportunity, negotiates with the Fashion Prince, and shortly after, the contract is signed and sealed.

Harald Glöökler sends his designs to Karin Plum. They are extravagant baroque ball gowns, but also – in line with Karin Plum’s actual mission – everyday wearable and practical clothing pieces, such as business suits, blouses, and tops with matching leggings. “I then implemented the patterns for the designs myself and sewed them after consultation with Mr. Glöökler.” The complete collection is finished in size 36. All other sizes will be reproduced later upon request. “The most elaborate piece is certainly the baroque ball gown. I used ten meters of latex and 15 meters of tulle. The dress already weighs quite a bit.” Karin Plum sent the finished pieces to the designer, and he made some minor adjustments. Karin Plum: “Sometimes he felt it wasn’t extravagant enough here and there. But these were minor details that could be quickly revised.” The only problem was that due to the coronavirus pandemic, Karin Plum almost ran out of latex material. “Just three days before everything was supposed to be ready for a big photoshoot, I received new material. We worked through the whole weekend, and we managed to finish on time after all.”

The photoshoot takes place in the private garden of Harald Glöökler in Kirchheim an der Weinstraße. “That was last week, 30 degrees Celsius outside, but it was a unique experience. Mr. Glöökler has an incredible talent for staging things. In addition to the latex collection, pieces from his new luxurious knitwear line as well as furniture, suitcases, and other accessories made by him were also set up and photographed.” At the end of the shoot, the models, who endured wearing latex clothing and large wigs despite the heat for several hours, were treated to a cooling off. Wearing a black ball gown and a red form-fitting evening dress, they jumped into the swimming pool for the final photo of the day. Latex makes it possible. The water cannot harm the exclusive clothing. “Another advantage of the material,” Karin Plum is pleased to say. The images from the shoot are currently being edited and will be ready in the next few days. Karin Plum: “By mid-July everything should be ready to go, the campaign can start, and the clothing will go on sale.” The latex collection will only have to forego a big vernissage and participation in fashion shows. “But the clothing speaks for itself; it’s just great fashion that will surely appeal to many women.”

Glöökler and his vision

The new latex collection by star designer Harald Glöökler in collaboration with Karin Plum originated from the idea that everything should be washable and disinfectable during times of Corona, so why not clothing? Despite self-imposed isolation during the Corona crisis, Harald Glöökler was not idle and created two new collections – one made of knitwear and one of latex.

In a press release it says: “Harald Glöökler wouldn’t be the Prince of Pompöös if he didn’t interpret latex pompously baroque as well, not vulgarly, but luxuriously and high-quality allowing all women to feel like princesses even in latex.”