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Author: Stefan Mann

Article in Kink Magazine July 2020
Cooperation between Rosengarn and Harald Glööckler

Pompöös is launching a new fashion collection made from natural rubber in cooperation with celebrity designer Harald Glööckler.

What a drumbeat from the “Rosengarn” studio in Geilenkirchen. With her latest pompous latex collection, which was created in cooperation with the star designer “Harald Glööckler”, “Karin Plum” also launched a completely new website. From now on, all products from Rosengarn can also be purchased via the company’s own online store. The street style latex clothing for women and men is now also available online, in the Rosengarn studio in Geilenkirchen and at a number of trade fairs and events where Karin Plum from Rosengarn exhibits.

How did the cooperation between Rosengarn and Harald Glööckler come about?

Karin from Rosengarn-Latex-Design has already attracted attention in the recent past with her street style latex outfits. The jackets, pants, shirts and skirts made of natural rubber are all processed “inside out”, i.e. the side of the material that is normally processed on the inside is on the outside. This gives the latex material a matt, less shiny appearance and is therefore not recognizable as latex at first glance. This is a great way to wear latex on the street without standing out from the crowd. Karin Plum was therefore particularly impressed when the star designer Glööckler contacted her to discuss his idea for a new, opulent collection made of latex, i.e. natural rubber.

The result was very opulent designs that are put into perspective by the smooth surfaces of the latex material. It was not least the coronavirus crisis that inspired Glööckler to create clothing that is particularly hygienic to keep clean thanks to its washability. The eco-balance is also impressive with this vegan natural rubber.

Where can you buy the Pompöös latex collection?

The small latex scene labels have been working for many years to make the material suitable for everyday use. In February, at this year’s Paris Fashion Show, “Saint Laurent” showed designs of latex fashion suitable for everyday use and since the “Kardashians” have latex clothes hanging in their wardrobes, even the last hippster has learned about latex clothing.