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HINWEIS: Dieses Produkt wird mit deiner Bestellung produziert. Die Lieferzeit beträgt 3-6 Wochen.

Information about the product


Easy to put on latex and rubber clothing with caring properties for latex and rubber. Solvent-free and odourless. Increases the brilliance of transparent latex.

VIVIDRESS is the ideal dressing aid for all types of latex and rubber clothing. Tight garments in particular can be very difficult to slip into, even if they have been treated with VIVISHINE some time beforehand. For example, catsuits (especially those with a collar opening without a zip) are almost impossible to get into and out of without a dressing aid.

VIVIDRESS is therefore particularly fluid and allows the latex to glide effortlessly over the skin when putting it on. By pressing lightly on the oval bottle, it can be easily dispensed and applied directly to the inside of the latex or the skin. It moistens the skin under the latex and thus ensures that the clothing does not stick to the skin but can glide over it when worn. This prevents partial tension or excessive stretching and thus prevents tears. The latex can also be easily slipped off again without tearing, even after many hours.


Dimethylsiloxane, pectins, nitrogen

How to use

It’s that simple: Apply VIVIDRESS directly from the bottle with the dosing head to the inside of your latex or rubber clothing and spread a little by gently moving the latex against each other.

In addition, VIVIDRESS can also be applied directly to the skin in areas where the latex is particularly tight and spread by hand like a cream.

Now simply slip into the clothing as usual and feel how pleasantly easy it is.

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