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Latex Pillowcase „Deluxe“

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Are you still dreaming about it or are you already sleeping in latex bed linen?

This latex bed linen is made of natural rubber / latex (PVultex PVML) in 0.5 thickness and combined with cosy fabric. “Made in Germany

  • one side chlorinated, black latex,
  • thickness 0.5
  • second side made of cosy fabric
  • Long, covered zips in the fabric side
  • Washable in the washing machine on wool programme

Live your dream and sleep in latex! With our latex and fabric duvet cover, you can enjoy the ultimate sleeping experience. One side of the cover is made of cosy velvet, while the other side is made of latex. This marvellous combination will win over even those who find latex too cool.

Our duvet cover combines black latex with velvet for a luxurious look. You can choose from many different sizes and colour combinations to find the perfect cover for your bed.

The cover is equipped with long zips that make it easy to tuck in the quilt and pillow. These zips are incorporated into the fabric side and covered so that they do not interfere or lie uncomfortably against the skin.

The latex in this version is also chlorinated, which significantly increases comfort. The chlorinated latex is softer and more supple, giving you a pleasant feeling on your skin.

We also produce our pillowcases and duvet covers individually according to your colour preferences and dimensions. To fulfil your special wishes, please use our contact form.

Experience the luxury and comfort of our latex and fabric duvet cover. Immerse yourself in a world of restful sleep and enjoy the benefits of this unique combination.

0,25 kg
40 cm x 80 cm, 80 cm x 80 cm
Schwarz-schwarz/black-black, schwarz-rot/ black-red
Individual size

Do you need a custom-made product? Then get in touch using the contact form.