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Bathrobe-Glamour “classic”


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Enjoy your passion for latex in everyday life.

This latex bathrobe is made from natural rubber / latex (PVultex PVML) in thickness 0.4 and chlorinated. Cosy and warm on the inside with a snug lining and sensual latex on the outside. Completely “Made in Germany”

  • Shiny latex in thickness 0.4
  • Refined/chlorinated surface
  • With cosy inner lining
  • Can be fastened with a belt
  • One pocket and hood
  • Size information under: “Service”

Enjoy your passion for latex in everyday life with our exclusive lined latex bathrobe. Made from high-quality natural rubber / latex (PVultex PVML) in thickness 0.4 and chlorinated, this bathrobe offers unrivalled comfort.

The bathrobe combines the sensual feel of latex on the outside with a cosy and snug inner lining. So you can not only enjoy the sensuality of the latex, but also the cosy warmth provided by the lining.

Our lined latex bathrobe impresses with its elegant design. The shiny latex in thickness 0.4 gives the robe a sophisticated look and makes you look stylish, whether at home or on special occasions.

The surface of the bathrobe has been refined/chlorinated to ensure a particularly smooth and pleasant feel. Every touch becomes a sensual experience as you move around in this masterpiece.

The bathrobe has a belt that allows you to customise the fit and show off your figure to perfection. A practical pocket offers space for small items or simply to reach into.

The bathrobe comes with a hood for added comfort and style. This also keeps the head warm and gives the robe a certain exclusivity.

Made entirely in Germany, you can be sure that this lined latex bathrobe meets the highest quality standards. Every detail has been carefully crafted to offer you a durable and luxurious product.

Immerse yourself in the world of latex and treat yourself to this unique lined latex bathrobe. Experience the luxury, sensuality and unrivalled feel. Order now and turn your everyday life into a special experience.

1,8 kg
Schwarz mit grauem Futter/black with gray lining, Rot mit schwarzem Futter/red with black lining
S, M, L, XL
Individual size

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