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Geilenkirchener Volkszeitung July 2019

Out of the dirty corner:
Latex fashion suitable for everyday use, made in Prummern

Karin Plum has been nominated for the NRW State Prize. She makes unique pieces from self-mixed natural rubber in chic designs. Her studio in Prummern offers a wide range of latex clothing suitable for everyday use.

Karin Plum is a person you simply have to like. Her smile is infectious, she wears cheerful colors, is in a good mood and self-confident in the most positive sense. The 53-year-old lives in Prummern, her husband is a farmer and together they live on a farm on the edge of the idyllic Geilenkirchen district. Karin Plum is actually a trained gardener and florist, but her passion lies in dressmaking and fashion design. She is particularly fond of one material: latex.

When Karin Plum set up her own small tailoring business 15 years ago, she was the talk of the town. Instead of making alterations to linen skirts or chiffon blouses, she concentrated on the fetish sector. Shiny and skin-tight clothing made of vinyl, leather and latex. “The first rolls of latex I ordered back then arrived at my neighbor’s house by mistake. Of course, everyone knew then,” Karin Plum recalls with a laugh. “At first, the people in Prummer were skeptical, but now they support me and are very interested in my work.”

Karin Plum first came into contact with the fetish scene around 20 years ago