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Latex bathrobes

Enjoy your first coffee in the morning in a latex bathrobe! Immerse yourself in the world of luxury and enjoy your passion for latex in everyday life with our high-quality latex bathrobes. Made from natural rubber/latex with a thickness of 0.4 and chlorinated, these bathrobes offer an incomparable feel. Choose between pure latex or a combination of latex lined with cozy fabric. The outside of the robe pampers you with the sensual feel of latex, while the cozy inner lining gives you cosy warmth.

Our latex bathrobes impress with their elegant design and the sophisticated look of the shiny latex material. Every touch becomes a sensual experience as you move around in this masterpiece. The bathrobes come with a belt to customize the fit and show off your figure perfectly. A practical pocket offers space for small items and the hood gives the robe additional comfort and style.

Made entirely in Germany, our lined latex bathrobe meets the highest quality standards. Every detail has been carefully crafted to provide you with a durable and luxurious product. Experience the luxury, sensuality and incomparable feel of this unique bathrobe. Order now in the online store and turn your everyday life into a special experience with our latex bathrobes!

Latex Jogging Suits for Men

Immerse yourself in the world of latex and enjoy your passion in everyday life with our latex tracksuits. Made from natural rubber/latex in 0.5 thickness, these jogging suits offer the ultimate comfort for hours of relaxation. Every detail has been carefully crafted and completely “Made in Germany”.

The shiny black jacket has a zipper and two pockets, while the hood and waistband can be adjusted with a drawstring. The trousers are equipped with two slit pockets and have a latex thickness of 0.5. The loose-fitting jogging suit offers you freedom of movement and comfort at the same time.

Find the right size under the ‘Service’ menu item and choose your latex jogging suit for a stylish and comfortable outfit. Experience the luxury and sensuality of latex every day anew. Order your latex tracksuit now from the Rosengarn online store and get ready for relaxing hours in pure comfort!

Latex Catsuits for Men

Discover our high-quality latex catsuits for men now and enjoy your passion for latex at every moment! These catsuits are made of black natural rubber/latex) and are an absolute must-have for all latex lovers. Whether at parties, as underwear or simply relaxing on the couch – these catsuits will accompany you in style.

Our catsuits for men are made entirely in Germany and are made of 0.4 thick latex, which guarantees a comfortable fit and high quality. The figure-hugging cut of the catsuits creates a masculine silhouette and emphasizes your muscles in an elegant way.

The catsuits have a 3-way zipper through the crotch, which is covered on the inside and has also been sewn in to ensure maximum stability. All relevant areas are reinforced to guarantee durability and comfort.

Find the right size under the “Service” menu item and immerse yourself in the world of latex with our high-quality latex catsuits. Enjoy your passion for latex anytime and anywhere and choose the right size in the online store. Get in touch via the contact form if you prefer a custom-made product.