My Services

My work has not finished with delivery. Whenever You may have problems with Your new outfit, or a repair should be nessecary, then please don’t hesitate to contact me. Moreover I can offer the following services to You.

Small Repairs

My name is Biggi and I have been working at Rosengarn for several years, where I’m responsible for repairs now.  You may reach me by mail at and explain to me Your concern.

It may happen You snag on something or Your fingernails pierce the material. A cut and Your masterpiece is ruined. Don’t hesitate to send me the articles to be repaired and I’ll estimate the costs. Tell me what is to be repaired and I’ll take care of it. The damaged pieces should be cleaned and powdered a little bit. This makes my work easier.

A similar service is available to You regarding Your High-Heels and Boots. Either a defect zipper or a damaged heel – I have a professional shoemaker on my side who would be pleased to help You. Even if You need a (longer) zipper for Your Thigh Highs, You’re welcome.

Stephan GraesslerProfessional ShoemakerDiva Heels

Silky Latex

You always have the choice to chlorinate Your new Outfit – Silky Latex. Even if You have already existing articles, just send me the washed and powdered pieces and I’ll take care. The costs depend on type, size and weight – chlorinating a catsuit is about € 30.

  • Surface

    The surface of Latex gets smoother

  • Dressing

    Each outfit – especially tight designs – can be dressed without using powder or silicone oil

  • Temperature

    Latex doesn’t appear so cold when dressing

  • Allergies

    The tendency for allergic reactions are reduced

  • Basics

    Bed linen and basics of all kind are perfectly egligble

  • Washing

    Silky Latex can be machine washed and tumble dryed without any problem

  • Polishing

    You can make Silky Latex shiny with silicone oil

  • Repairs

    Silky Latex is more difficult to be repaired

Latex Care

You should take respect of the following care instructions in order to ensure long life and prettiness of Your outfits.
  • Storage

    Washed and dryed clothing should either be powdered or treated with silicone oil. This avoids glueing and facilitates dressing. Your clothing should be kept in a dark storage while ensuring contact with other textiles, metal pieces or different-colored Latex. Otherwise You risk discolorations and poor spots. Especially with transparent or light colors the usage of suit bags is recommended.

  • Sun

    Avoid to stay in sunlight for longer as nessecary. UV-Rays contained in the sunlight potentially damage Latex.

  • Washing

    Used articles should be washed immediately after being used, because sweat and body grease may harm Latex. Simply place Your clothing into the wash basin or bathing tub, apply lightly warm water and mild shampoo (no detergent of any kind) and wash it. Undressing under the shower is recommendable as well. After washing, renew the water, apply a bit silicone oil and wash Your clothing again. This ensures a shiny appearance and avoids glueing of the material. Clothing treated with silicone oil must not be powdered – even when dressing – because silicone oil acts as lubricant. Please ensure that both sides are well dry – therefore turn over the clothes while drying. To avoid persistant discoloration provoked by metal pieces like rivets or eyelets, prevent any contact between Latex and metal.

  • Dressing

    Never use (baby-) oil or greased procucts. Take care about Your nails, because longer fingernails tend to cut Latex while dressing. Don’t pull Latex to strong, while the material might be overstrechted. This may lead to light parts on Your clothing.  Simply apply some silicone oil onto Your body. This way You easily slip into even very tight dresses. Products made of transparent Latex only appear shiny if the body has been treated with silicone oil before.

  • Shine

    In order to make Your clothes shiny, apply silicone oil or spray. Sprays should be used outside only, because they create slippery surfaces on the ground. A decent shine is created by using a little bit of silicone oil or applying to the washing water as described above. With transparent or light colors it may happen, that other chlothing is transferring color pigments which lead to poor spots on Your dress. Also take care about using toiletries and parfums. Especially theater makeup harms Latex. Avoid contact with metal jewelry which can lead to discolorations.

  • Wearing Latex under regular clothing

    When wearing Latex under regular clothing, it comes to frictional stress generated by the textile material. Latex then may get tarnished at the contacting areas, which is persistent. Restoring the original shine isn’t possible any more. Moreover this stress may result in a higher vulnerability when stretching the material.

Silky Latex special Care

Especially for Silky Latex I have some additional hints which add upon the common care instructions.
  • Before first usage

    Please wash the articles before first usage in order to eliminate eventual residues of the chlorination.

  • Washing

    Use Your bathing tub or washing maschine and apply some mild detergent or shampoo with 40°. Don’t combine lighter with darker colors.

  • Drying

    Use Your tumble dryer with a conservative program (e.g. warm ventilation for 20 minutes). Best results are guaranteed with towels (made of microfiber) which are applied during the tumbling process.

  • Note

    Don’t use a machine washer or tumble dryer on extentive clothes. Use manual washing and drying instead. Take care of both sides being completely dry.

  • Care

    Like Leather Latex needs a bit care from time to time in order to not discolorize or getting spongy. Simply apply some silicone oil or other comparable care products when tumbling Your clothes.

Do You have Questions?

It will be a pleasure to me to anwer all Your questions and to explain all material specifics and variations in detail to You. Please contact me, get informed and challenge me with Your very personal desires. I will offer all my knowledge and perfection for Your individual new outfit.